• Our scheduling form can be found here
  • Upon receiving a scheduling request, we will confirm we’ve received it and proceed to schedule with you or directly with sellers
  • If there is a scheduling conflict, we’ll make every effort to fit you in on the requested day, or the soonest possible day available.


  • Cancellations or reschedules must be made up to one hour prior to scheduled shoot
  • Cancellations or reschedules made within one hour of scheduled shoot will result in a fee of 50% of total quoted price for services requested
  • If we arrive, can’t gain access to the home, and can’t reach you we will wait up to thirty minutes–if we haven’t heard back or access isn’t gained after this period, we will charge a 50% reschedule fee.
  • We will not reschedule or cancel a scheduled shoot due to weather unless requested, but we will confirm ahead of time whether or not you would like to do so if the weather looks like it may take a turn.

Late Fees

  • Payment is due upon delivery of digital images unless otherwise arranged.
  • If payment is not made within three days of initial invoice, a reminder will be sent.
  • If invoice is not paid after seven days, 15% will be added to total invoice amount for late payment. After this time, nonpayment may result in a request to Matrix MLS to remove images from the listing, and photos can be uploaded again once payment is made.

Image Delivery

  • Your images are usually delivered within 24-48 hours. If needed sooner, please let us know you need them expedited
  • Images are delivered via Google Drive
  • All packages with the exception of the Basic Package will include full-resolution images for web and print marketing, and a set of images which are already formatted for MLS

Home Readiness

  • All homes will be shot as-is, regardless of condition. For personal safety and safety of homeowners, due to COVID we unfortunately can’t move homeowners’ personal objects, so must rely on them to be present to move objects if they desire–but it’s preferred if sellers are not home and can have the home “show ready.” If you don’t have a home readiness checklist, you can see ours here. Feel free to use it in your listing presentations and materials for prospective sellers!


  • Reshoots requested because of weather or home readiness will be charged
  • Reshoot requests due to photographer error or omission will be granted free of charge

3D Tours

  • It’s strongly preferred that sellers not be home and that they remove pets from the premises while we conduct 3D tours. This is because the camera captures everything around it.
  • Garages, outdoor areas, and detached outbuildings will not be scanned because the camera cannot work properly in outdoor open spaces. These areas will instead have 360 panoramas taken.


  • We love dogs and cats, but because they can be unpredictable and/or wander into photographs, we strongly encourage that sellers crate them or remove them from the premises, especially when we are alone in the home conducting the shoot.

Drone Aerials

  • We are FAA-certified (Part 107) to legally fly a drone in most locations
  • When scheduling a drone aerial shoot or package with aerial included, be advised we may not always be able to fly in a certain area, at a certain time, or at a certain elevation without permission from nearby airfields, mainly military or international airports. However, obtaining permission is usually not a problem
  • If we can’t fly due to weather (rain, high winds, low visibility, high humidity), we will reschedule free of charge.

Image Licensing & Copyright

  • All images and their copyrights are owned by Ryan Christian Photography, LLC.
  • Images are licensed to client on a per-listing basis, and licenses for usage expire upon listing sale and closing, or termination. In the event of sale, images may be used for “just sold” postcards after the fact.
  • License cannot be transferred to any other party for any reason
  • Images may be used for marketing a listing during the course of the listing period. “Marketing” includes social media posts and shares, print brochures and flyers, email flyers, just listed postcards and just sold postcards, and magazines for the purposes of selling a listing only. Images may not be used for professional promotion without express permission and written agreement from Ryan Christian Photography, LLC
  • Images may not be transferred to another party, including sellers, without express permission and written agreement from Ryan Christian Photography, LLC
  • Images of an expired listing previously shot by Ryan Christian Photography, LLC being re-listed by another agent, may be licensed for re-use for the normal shoot fee. However, it’s generally recommended the home be re-shot, especially when home has been re-furnished, remodeled, or a change of season has occurred.
  • If the listing has sold, we’re happy to provide copies of select digital images to any and all sellers who for sentimental reasons may want them, free of charge. Images may be watermarked, and we ask that sellers sign a contract agreement.